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  • These guys have done it again! I can't thank them enough for how professional this firm is. I've called around, but you can't beat the quality of their customer service. I understand that not at all cases can be dismissed, but at least this firm contacted me in a timely manner and provided me all the information I needed to my ticket squared away. And what do you know? Because I did everything on time, the points from my ticket were still dropped! That's better than the first attorney I went to a few years back. And personally I'd rather have these guys go to court for me than to go to court myself because ain't nobody got time for that! Lol Anyways, thanks again, guys! I'll be using you if I get yet another ticket (God forbid lol) and I'll be sure to recommend you to my friends, family, coworkers, etc!!!

    Ruby Rojas Happy Customer

  • First ticket I had was handled so well! Such a professional team with great customer service. I won't go anywhere else for any traffic violations. My first ticket was dismissed within months without any surcharges or penalties. The one time fee is great! Just pay and no other fees on top. They are definitely handling any other cases I need help with in the future!

    Brittany Gatewood

  • This was the most efficient and convenient ways of taking care of my tickets. Website was very user friendly and quick with responding with questions in a timely manner. I not only recommend their service but will use them again if needed. Thank you

    Shana Thomas

  • I wish I heard of this a long time ago! It would of saved me a lot of money. EAST, FAST, and RELIABLE. Will use again if I get a ticket. I highly recommend them to people who get speeding tickets.

    Marco Sierra Company Name